Is Telemedicine Right for You?


Telemedicine a creative way to provide interactive healthcare through modern technology and communications. It allows all kinds of patients to visit with their concerned physicians live over video in order to communicate their current health status or any sickness that they are facing. The concept of this technology is to provide immediate care, especially for those patients who find it hard to go to the doctor physically. Telemedicine serves you more by capturing the video and still shots that are saved and sent to physicians so that the condition is duly understood and diagnosis and follow up treatment is done accordingly. The overall idea of telemedicine is to improve the patient’s clinical health status.

Telemedicine, also known as telehealth started around 40 years ago by very few hospitals to help those who live in remote areas. However, it is not a separate medical specialty it’s just an enhanced technology. Through telemedicine, patients can do a lot of things with the latest technology like remote monitoring of vital signs, e-health including patient portals, continuing medical education, consumer-focused wireless applications and nursing call centers. With telemedicine, patients can get diagnosis immediately instead of having to make an appointment and waiting longer for an answer.

Telemedicine is right for anyone, but if you relate it to any of the following then it is an even better option. Being homebound is tough, especially for chronic patients. However, if you are homebound then telemedicine can help you to send data to your physician so you don’t suffer from any pain to go to them. By using telemedicine, the patient can send specific vital signs like blood glucose and heart ECG to their physician at any time to have constant monitoring. This can help to have more accurate and faster results. It also helps to have faster diagnosis and it makes sure that the patient is not getting worse day by day.

Telemedicine also helps in connecting with specialists. Does your specialist live 20 minutes away? 30? 40 or more? Also, less hospital visits! If you need to be under constant watch then in most cases you usually end up in a hospital, but here you have another alternative. Hospitals always need more beds, but you don’t need to be in one! Telemedicine provides constant care and you can stay with your family instead of being stuck in a hospital. You can relax at home and be able to monitor your illness in a peaceful environment surrounded by those you love.

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