Second opinion – A new beacon of light

Second medical Opinion is quite important for critical illness and diseases. With the rise of medical experiments, new treatment procedures, medical negligence and inaccurate diagnosis, this importance has elevated to another level. Getting a second opinion on illness, patients not only get an access to accurate diagnosis and newer treatment paths but also a different perspective on the illness.

The success and innovations in the medical industry across the world are beyond any shadow of doubts. The infrastructure, quality health services, medical devices, constant research and development in pharmaceuticals etc all lead to the growth of the industry. Constant medical technology innovations head to better clinical outcomes and shorter recovery time. So the question arises- why do patients still seek second medical opinion? Is it lack of trust on the doctor’s diagnosis or is it the lack of relevant information to assimilate or you want to know best options available to tackle with the disease.

Healthcare is the most sought after industry in the world. But with the boom of the healthcare industry, an equal percentage of cases pertaining to medical negligence and wrong diagnosis are coming into the picture. Also we can’t neglect the fact, that corporates run hospitals and issue revenue targets to the doctors. Doctors in turn search for potential candidates (a.k.a patients) to perform unnecessary surgical procedures which ultimately add to the overall revenue of the hospital. There have been numerous instances of doctors mis-diagnosing patients or insisting on unnecessary surgical procedures.

WHO lists Medical misdiagnosis among the top 10 killers in the world. As per British National Health System survey conducted in 2009, 15% of its patients were misdiagnosed. Another report by The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, Diagnostic errors are present across every specialty. For perceptual specialties (like radiology, dermatology) the percentage of error is less than 5% but for other clinical critical specialties the error percent ranges from 10% to 15% in US.

Ashish Dhar and Sachin Shah formed GrandOpinion, a place where anyone can get a second opinion on their medical illness from the industry experts. When one of the founders underwent a similar situation of misdiagnosis in his family, the duo realized the need of any such organizations and thus they wanted to bring about radical change in the way patients interact with their doctors. GrandOpinion use a simple flow “right diagnosis to be made at the right time”.

In India there is a wide spread of ‘white coat syndrome’ i.e.  the doctors are kept on a pedestal by the patients and their families. Most of them blindly follow the instructions without questioning or understanding them. Though this is changing slowly with the advent of internet. But many a time self – medication or self – diagnosis can be dangerous as internet mostly provides us with unnecessary and unauthorized information which may confuse the patient and they may land up to a riskier position.

In the urge of eliminating this risk and providing patients with accurate diagnosis, GrandOpinion got its identity. The company launched its branches in USA, Delhi and in China. Ashish Dhar, Co-founder, GrandOpinion shares “We have created a simple no fuss model which is easy to use for patients and their families. With the help of technology, it is easier to seek opinions for top medical professionals at click of a button without having to travel or spend a lot of money”.

GrandOpinion is for patients who are battling with serious health conditions and in need of immediate second medical diagnosis.  GrandOpinion provide patients a different perspective on their disease, with positivity and a better path towards recovery. Apart from individuals, corporate houses and organizations can invest in this service of Second Opinion as it helps employees get accurate diagnosis from the beginning. GrandOpinion has a virtual clinic which matches patient to doctor who are specialized for a  particular medical condition or disease . This is done to ensure that both patient and doctor are connected on the same level and immediate diagnosis can be given without having to resort to unnecessary repeat tests. Opinions are given on basis of existing test reports and a case coordinator is assigned to keep track of the case. Since all the records and conversations are digitally recorded, it can be accessed anytime from anywhere. All consulting doctors in GrandOpinion are recruited only on basis of recommendation and their research in a particular specialty.

Medical diagnosis varies from one physician to another. By taking a second opinion, one can choose between new options for treatment and can cross verify the original diagnosis and treatment plan. GrandOpinion helps patients and their families to make informed treatment choice and choose a better treatment plan.

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